Friday, May 20, 2011

Through this pain I refine
Tearing me from within
Screaming to be released but held fast by Your love
Hold me here
Break me until my face breathes upon this ground
Outstretched with my head to the floor
Spent of all my strength
Relying on Yours

Most people would reflect on this song either as a call of depression or a confused metal lover, but i pose a different side to either these judgements...

I hear this song as a reflection of Saint Paul. As i am here currently in Corinth, Greece having visited Athens and eager to see Turkey in the next few days i am reminded daily of the pain and outcry that the early church was involved with. Paul was a not an immortal man with no fear, but when he stepped into Corinth after being alone in Athens he was AFRAID.

The Lord says "Do not fear, for i am with you." 1 corinthians 16:13