Thursday, September 22, 2011

Follow You- Leeland

You live among the least of these
the weary and the weak
and it would be a tragedy for me to turn away
All my needs you have supplied
when I was dead, you gave me life

How could I not give it away so freely.

...It's amazing to stop and think of where life has you at this moment...
I know for me, it's been a crazy roller coaster of decision and indecision with motivation and apathy all garnished with a little stress and passion. At this very moment, right here right now, I'm sitting in what some would call a tree house in a moderately comfortable swivel chair staring out the window as the wind blows slowly, the humidity settles, the sun sets and all of us Outward Bound Key Largo staff take a deep breathe to relax and slow down our worlds before KLF 195 leaves the harbor tomorrow morning with 8 at-risk youth for a 30 day wilderness adventure. Could I have ever predicted this coming?

It wasn't too long ago that I found myself in a completely different place in life, not just physically but wholly.

And I'll follow you into the homes that are broken.
Follow you into the world.
Meet the needs for the poor and the needy God.
Follow you into the World
I got home this summer inspired. My eyes were opened in a new way. Opportunity lined up and the moment was right to grab on for the joy ride. Who could I aspire to become? What new ways could I challenge myself to seek that out? How can I plan to live differently, to live efficiently, to live passionately? I spent the month of August at home scavenging all my resources asking questions, sharing ideas and exploring.

My thoughts brought me freedom: to give more freely.

(Watch this for info on Outward Bound)

Throughout my training this month, I have been pushed and pulled to overcome my own self. This battle against self has renewed and refined me by challenging my positions. I arrived in Alabama on the 6th of September and entered into a world with 12 new faces traveling deep within the Alabama Delta. We managed to canoe over 120 miles and cash in 120 hours of policy, procedure and application. In this effort we studied choice theory, reality therapy and hundreds of development tools. Choice theory is an amazing empowerment tool that allows our students to grasp onto each decision and choice they are making in their lives and see the positive and negative consequences of each.
All we do is behave- William Glasser

Imagine if you woke up one morning and everyone around you had changed. In fact, they had changed so much that they had completely lost themselves. They transformed back into a more youthful version with a devilish twist of behavior complexes. The way in which you were living was no longer relevant, the relationships you had built were useless and the language in which you spoke no longer made sense. That was my world during instructor blocks on course. My team of Sam, Hannah and I were put in an 8 hour live action drama. We woke up at 6:30am as instructors and the characters of our 9 other friends did not let up until we had properly managed each behavior and made it through our daily flow properly. These behaviors ranged from excessive truancy, disrespect, leading a revolution against us, swearing in our face, shoe piracy, sexual & inappropriate joking to depression, anger, jealousy and gang/ drug related dependence.

I made it out alive.

One thing I constantly am realizing. I AM ALWAYS LEARNING. no matter what that looks like or entails in my life, I will continue to grow.

Use my hands, use my feet
To make your kingdom come
Through the corners of the earth
Until your work is done
'Cause Faith without works is dead
And on the cross your blood was she'd
So how could I not give it away so freely?
I give all myself.
I give all myself
I give all myself... to you


  1. Man. I'm happy you were able to experience something new and exciting! I'm pumped to hear about everything more in depth. Always learning man!

    Much Love.

  2. Mark, this is so great and encouraging to read, keep living life to the fullest, you are pleasing God!! Love you, thanks for the pick up!!


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