Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Upslope Craft Lager- Boulder Colorado

I don't have a song in my mind right now so to put lyrics up that aren't equating to the mood of my writing, or my mind would just be outright wrong. Not saying that i couldn't or wouldn't, just fully saying that this time around i'll stick to what i know best.

Stories... from the undeserving... from the grateful... living in action.

I just got back from a great experience with 4 random people that i just met no more than 2 weeks ago. At the end of staff training I and these 4 others had an 8 day break before we began the intensive regimen of what ARCC refers to as "prep days", also referred to as a tornado of information, an exit of any comfort zones and a realization that YOU will be in a crazy different country in charge of 18 kids in a matter of days. But before all this was a glorious road of adventure, Yosemite and Big Sur (pics up on FB).

We traveled to Yosemite first and began a 30 mile loop around Hetch Hetchy and the surrounding water fall trails. Every time I experience a wilderness venture not only do I learn more about the world we live in, but I gain more insight on who I am and the character I have become. One of my new friends Quinn was traveling with us here in Yosemite and a few hours into the trip began pouring out a wealth of knowledge relating to experiences he has had during his life growing up. It was amazing to me, and also quite hilarious how he exposed them.

Quinn's life motos:
1. Never Bail
2. Dibs
3. Roll Deep

These may seem like a joke yet at the heart of it, they teach valuable lessons in every way. I watched as no matter what crappy situation we entered, including a chest high river crossing in freezing water, Quinn never bailed, but in fact uplifted the group in leadership. Even when Scott left his water bottle at the trail head 30 min into the hike, Quinn hiked back to get it only to come up empty handed an hour later. This type of characteristic I find very rarely in a person. In fact, I find the opposite more often then not, where people will only go out of there own way for others if it directly benefits themselves, rather than taking up a role to be there for someone when they need it most.

Dibs on the other hand became a huge joke on our trip and created an insane amount of laughter. At one time the moto dibs enabled a back car seat made for three, packed with 3 people 4 packs, 3 bear canisters and box of food and virtually every form of gear we packed. The moto of dibs of course is vocalizing or calling dibs on the worst situations rather than calling shotgun, or any situation that betters yourself. It is of course hard to explain and better acted out but i will try. In this way Quinn before anyone could realize it would always call the middle seat, gather up the bear canisters and relieve others of a potentially bad 4 hour ride to Yosemite. It allowed for an enjoyable event in weird hard situations. Isn't that a wild thing? Imagine if all of us chose to put ourselves into harder situations to alleviate the stress of others. What would our world look like? A little better i would hope.

Roll Deep of course tags along with the top two motos and just emphasizes community and the importance of doing things together no matter what. Without questioning the convenience of controlling your own circumstance i saw a sense of freedom in his eyes as he rolled deep with all of us not just in Yosemite but also in Big Sur.

I wanted to share this mainly because of the rarity of this type of character. I struggle with showing this in my own life and i deeply struggle surviving in surroundings where this type of community is not prevalent. I have taken this as a lesson to be learned.

.....stories from a confessing sinner.....

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  1. Wow great pics and blog Mark! Can't wait to see more from your Thailand experience. I've been following the blog that you sent from your team but no pics load for me. I imagine they are so colorful and nature filled! Wish you could bring your elephant home! :D much love!


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