Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Life's Short: Live it


Week of Independence right? It's been interesting here missing the festivities, but who would have guessed that July 4th 2010 would be so full of friends, food and good times, this season in life Chad and I are sharing much more than a sweet fire display... the past week has been a roller coaster as always here in Swazi, emotionally and spiritually but through the blessings the Lord has provided for us we have the opportunity of sharing in a beautiful community here. A community that continually reminds me of what the body of Christ should and used to look like back in the days of the old church. A body that is governed by the head of Christ yet the whole body receives love, care and responsibility with acknowledgement of equality.

Things have changed: at times constrained and contained: only Christ sustains

The world is a small place i've come to realize. The past few years with breaks in between i've been regularly attending Cornerstone Festival. A huge Christian music festival in southern Illinois. The past couple years its been a place to let go, freestyle...burn some chairs and eat crap food all day while jammin to constant metal shows with Critt. Its been legit! I would not change it for anything. Yet this year God brought me all the way to Swaziland, just to see myself involved in yet another Cornerstone. This time not a music festival, but a school for the rejected located in a remote spot outside of Manzini.

Cornerstone Help Centre: Chad and I have been teaching here in the mornings. I am in charge of the 4th and 5th grade classrooms teaching English, Math and Social Studies while Chad takes the 6th and 7th teaching similar subjects at a higher level. This school is a huge blessing and huge ministry to the community in which it serves. Here in Swaziland, if you are mentally handicapped in anyway you are immediately outcasted in society. In most cases kids are found locked away in houses without neighbors even knowing of their existence. Children like these cast a burden of shame to the families that birth them. Its a terrible reality. Cornerstone Help Centre is the only functioning school in the entire country of Swaziland that readily reaches out to these kids. It's been an honor to help out with this ministry.

Thank yall for praying for us! Time here in Africa has been soo wild and we will be coming back with so many stories. We have an updated plan of attack for yall to read. Here's what our schedule is looking like these days.

Wednesday: 7-7

7am-10am: Speak at a school, film Faith Journey

12-3 pm: Hope house ( a home for the terminally sick, aids, TB, we go and pray with them)

3pm- ?: Filming opportunity, spend time with Cornerstone faculty and pastor Jim

Thursday: 7-8

7am-2:30pm: Cornerstone Help Centre

3pm-? Downtown Manzini

Friday: 7-9

7am-10am: Speak at a school

2pm-5: Work at a feeding centre, lead a bible study

Saturday: 7-10

9:30am-1pm Church

1pm-? All day Braai, attend a autism clinic with Cornerstone

Sunday: 7-11

9am-10:30am: Preach at a boarding school

11am-2pm: Attend Church, Present with AGF in front of church


We will be working at Cornerstone most days, and we anticipate speaking in several different schools encouraging them in the word as well. Yet this week is not fully planned and of course plans change frequently here, its useless to plan farther than a week in advance.

Friday: 7-16

All day Braii at the Swazi Hot Springs with all the friends and new family we have met here in Swaziland as a farewell or see you later for Chad and I.

Saturday: 7-17

Leave for Durban






This is a basic schedule we got going here. I love yall and miss you! We will both be back soon.