Sunday, June 27, 2010


We launched AGF today in Joy Mission Church. AGF (Acquire God's Fire) is a youth program that offers encouragement, relationships, a daily walk in the word and a chance to be involved in a common goal of raising funds and awareness to help the kids at the fortress.

It was interesting to say the least! But very successful. Success in two:
1. We were able to launch with a big excitement and are continuing to spread into Manzini and Mbabane on the following sundays.
2. Chad and I broke every comfort zone we every had, by preaching, speaking, dancing and performing an acapella duet to “I Love You Lord” in front of a couple hundred people. HA wow.

A couple of our friends taught us a traditional male dance today. We performed it in front of the ladies which to say the least created much laughter. The dance is very expressive, and can only be accompanied or followed by the traditional female dance. I wanna say the dance is called Sinboyata, this is at least how it is sort of pronounced. We have recorded this on video don't worry.
The night was ended with a traditional Swaziland Braii. It was delicious. A Braii is a South African/ Swazi bbq. They laid a huge slate of metal on the ground, built a raging bonfire, post a massive grate on top of a couple cinder blocks each and filled as much meat as humanly possible on the grill! We feasted as Kings tonight. Currently I am posted up on the couch, thinking of all the vos (sasuage) and various other meats I have consumed tonight. I am starting to feel like we are living in a Kingdom.

I am learning how to love, and further the kingdom here OnEarth
Faithfully I am being mentored by the body of Christ here in this Kingdom
Swaziland: In God I Trust!