Saturday, June 12, 2010

Swazi Cribs meets World Cup 2010

Hey all! Its Saturday again so I am posting a new update. We are still here in Manzini, Swaziland and its been rad so far. I have got to say this place is possibly one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. We are surrounded by mountains, trees, rivers and wildlife. So one might ask what exactly we are doing here in Swaziland? Thats a very good question.. I can answer. Chad and I came here without expectations, we had prayed all year and felt God calling us to an extreme form of ministry. One that would require a complete trust and faith in God for provision, protection and understanding. As a result we have ended up in Swaziland. We have met with community leaders and principles and have started speaking in schools around the area as well as observing classrooms to get a better view of the education process in Swaziland. The whole speaking part was a littler nerve wracking at first but Chad and I agreed that our first attempt at speaking to a crowd of several hundred children went over way smoother than we had anticipated. We have also been involved with the Fortress and are working towards forming sustainability with the orphanage/ half-way home they are operating. Beginning very shortly we will be traveling around Swaziland to spread awareness about the Fortress to other church bodies. What this will look like is forming a youth group where we sing, dance, teach, share testimonies and spread the story. Chad and I are both excited about this opportunity.
Our biggest project here in Swaziland has been filming. We have brought with us the most professional filming equipment we could afford and have started filming a documentary for the Fortress, Kenya, and a story for us to share with everyone at home. We recorded a sweet version of Swazi Cribs on Chad’s laptop earlier in the week so check it out if your interested. It’s posted on our facebooks and our blogs.
The World Cup has started and I am in shock that I am within a couple hours of a stadium. Chad and I will be heading to Nelspruit to see Italy vs. New Zealand on the 20th of June. We are crazy excited about this. I am hoping that the US has already beat England by the time you are reading this.

To anyone reading this, i wanted to quick give a heads up at the idea behind our documentary. We had set out to film a documentary about water but have strayed from this idea and feel God pulling us in a new direction. What we are experiencing now has been at the hand of God and we intend to capture it. For our own film we will film a personal experience, first hand documentary where we capture faith, and the journey it requires...

You are all loved,


Phil 4:11
I am learning to be contempt in every situation