Monday, October 4, 2010

Master & a Hound- Gregory Alan Isakov

Can you shake it up
Just once for me
Your little globe just so we can see
The snow blowing round your hands

Being back from Africa starting my last year of school has been quite the trip. I can't even express the feelings behind coming back into an American lifestyle experiencing what life is like here but enjoying the memories behind the style of living back at home (Nairobi). This month i've decided to travel. I'm traveling on a different road than i've normally been on. It's traveling not by plane, not state to state, or by country. I've decided to travel within myself on a different level than i could ever imagine. I welcome yall to read and experience it with me.

I'm making the commitment to Ramadan. (30 day fasting while the sun is up)

I'm making this commitment to explore the surrender and trust building aspect of a self-less faith in which your belief becomes a higher priority than your own wants. In my case my faith in Jesus Christ becomes a radically realistic part of my life in which i need to rely on Christ not just for my own personal wants, but on my everyday needs.

I am prepared to document this journey to all interested. Beginning today, the day of reflection and commitment.

Today i spent about 5 hours alone in my apartment. I can't really say i have been able to do this since moving back to Chicago. Feeling the pains of hunger and boredom my eyes were opened to a realization that self satisfaction in entertainment and food have dominated my life unnecessarily. My focus has been on supplying for the wants of my humanness more than sacrificing my life for what really matters, building God's Kingdom. It's easy for me to get wrapped up in this world with the struggles of course work and the dramas of college life. I battle with a life where i merely try and fit God into my plans, rather than having satisfaction living in communion with God in this life.

Psalm 25

"To you O Lord, I lift up my soul
Oh my God in you i trust
let me not be put to shame
let not my enemies exult over me"

Indeed none who wait for you shall be put to shame
[..] make me to know your ways O lord.

I'm still exploring what living a life of faith looks like. I'm exploring a life where "the focus" is not in this world but in THE KINGDOM!

I look forward to seeing where this journey will take my heart and mind. I long too see Christ daily. I long to hear his voice and experience his presence.

And the wing-nut turned
The song that we both know
Sent us flying round the carnival
You can throw all your lucky coins on me

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  1. I enjoyed reading this Mark. That is a huge commitment-30 days. I too struggle with making time just to be in His presence- being satisfied just to have Him in my life.
    I long to be closer...


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