Thursday, July 22, 2010

Road to Durban!

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Durban| 7-22-10

Road trip to Durban...

We spent the last week of our time with our new friends and Swazi Family. Chad and I taught at Cornerstone for the last and final time on Friday. I am in awe of how much God has been changing us both, preparing us for future ministry: future opportunity to seek his Kingdom. Whether this takes me back to Swaziland, Kenya, South Africa or any part of the world, this summer has been a practical classroom of what life looks like relying on Faith in Christ and an example of committing my trust not in Chad or my abilities but trusting the God who created this world. Its been wild leaving all my prior knowledge of biblical truths, mission trips and all my fundamental life skills having grown up in the church and asking God to wipe me clean and show me where to go and what to do. This feeling is indescribable and I look forward to sharing about each and every experience when I arrive home.

Speaking of...

We have made it to Durban. We encountered yet another Angel on our trip. This one found us the night before we left. We were planning to take a kombi (Public van) across country line from Swazi into Durban, SA, thinking this would be the best option for us to escape on our own for yet another adventure. God had other plans. Here's the story:

We had budgeted just enough money the last week to eat, throw a braii (bbq) for all our friends at the hot springs and get ourselves to Durban. Yet again our budget seemed to find itself running low and we were concerned how to finish the trip off right. By faith Chad and I made a few decisions, spending some of our needed money for transport on ensuring that we left Swaziland on a good note and hoping to send blessing to the friends we have grown to love. We were now left with about 100 rand ( roughly 15 dollars). This was expected to get us to Durban, I think not haha! Each Kombi cost 180 Rand a piece not including transport for accommodation...

When life gives you hassle: Trust in the Lord Faithfully... He protects his children just as any father would.

At the Braii: last day before traveling. One of our friends tells us she has a friend going into Durban leaving early in the morning and would love to help us out. We were relieved and so excited. She came to pick us up, had food and drink ready and we shared a great drive into SA. I once again was amazed that we had found a way. But really it wasn't us at all, God had paved this path for us.


We made it to Durban and have been hanging out. It's beautiful to relax knowing that we head home shortly. We are staying at Ansteys Backpackers lodge. Probably the coolest public lodging I have ever stayed at. We are roughly 30 seconds walk from a private beach next to the famous Cave Rock surfing beach. We have kept ourselves busy ha: had a couple braii's on the beach, surfed cave rock and done our fair share of napping. Its a paradise here.

This is the last blog, we fly into the States Saturday. CRAZY! Thanks all for reading and keeping us in your prayers. If you are reading this pray for safe travels, we made tons of friends at the backpackers lodge we ar staying in and one has offered us a ride to Joburg. Pray the car makes it safely, (we had to push start her yesterday) haha. Love all you!


  1. Wow what an adventure you have been having! I love it! Happy travels home to the states! We need to skype sometime so you can tell me all about it. Have the best day!!


  2. Incredible journey, thanks for sharing =)


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