Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prayer of Faith- Zama

Psalm 25
To you, O Lord, I “lift my soul”
O my God, in you I trust;
Let me not be put to shame;

Make me to know your ways, O Lord;
Teach me your paths
Lead me in your truth and teach me
For you are the God of my salvation
for you I wait all the day long

Chad and I have just completed the first round of filming for our documentary: Faith Journey. We are exploring what life looks like in complete reliance not of ourselves but of our Heavenly Father. This blog is coming at a point of brokenness as Chad and I are beginning to experience and live out a life that requires only a Trust and Faith our Lord can provide to those willing. We ask that you take a moment and join in with us as I share with you a very sad and difficult matter that is happening in the lives of Chad and I here in Swaziland.

We woke up abruptly this morning by a loud pounding and yelling on our windows and doors.

Time: 6:15 am. The kids had rushed over to where Chad and I stay and began thrashing our homestead in effort to wake both of us up. We sprung awake confused but curious as to why nearly all the orphans had decided Saturday morning was a good morning to wake us up so early to play. Chad went to the door, the kids met him quickly....

“Auntie needs your help, we need you to drive her to the hospital now, please come quick”

At the sound of this both Chad and I threw our clothes on and rubbed our eyes awake. Chad went to make sure Ol' Bessy was in running shape as I went to grab the keys and see what was happening with Auntie inside.

As I got in, I immediately noticed Auntie was fine, but Zama was laying unconscious on the couch in the main room. His eyes had rolled back and his breathing was best described as a heaving, coughing struggle. But I was thankful that he was at least breathing and maintaining signs of life, although very little.

Prayers for Zama poured out in my heart. I was remembering the stories Tabby had told Chad and I of Zama's past; how he had been neglected by his own family, locked in a back room and forced to eat his own waste as a source for food until a pastor in the local area broke him free and took him to the fortress. My heart hurt! I can't fully grasp why such hardship comes in the lives of the innocent..

As I grabbed Zama's hand, and eventually his body i carried him to the car where Chad had Ol Bessy running... everything in my body became weak and I cried out to God to sustain Zama's strength. Desperately I asked God to heal his body, wishing only that I was able to take his pain away and cast it onto my own. The Lord sustained him, Zama began slipping in and out of consciousness for the next 5 hours as Chad and I stayed with Auntie in the hospital.

Currently Zama has been admitted into Raleigh Fitkin hospital after a 12 hour stand, nearly 6-8 hours of this were without the help of oxygen or any medication. Praise be to God for sustaining this child, it is only by The Lord's doing Zama is still with us right now!

Those reading this we ask you to team with us and pour out prayers of faith for Zama. Prayers of healing and power. God calls us to pray boldly, with faith and full trust that The LORD is more powerful than sickness, The LORD is more powerful then modern medicine and The LORD is FOR SURE more powerful than the devil who only dreams of using this situation to take our focus away from the faithful God who continually provides for us!

James 5:15
The prayer of Faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up.

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