Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Trying to find a Balance"- Atmosphere

"I'm not insane, in fact I'm pretty rational"

I ask myself when my breaking point is. In fact, when is the exact moment where the only phrase worth declaring is "NO MORE MISSIONS?" This usually comes around the point where I'm relaxing with nothing to worry about, but those around and whoever longs to go on that ride with me. That's a rarity for most.... I make it a priority...landed a Job though... that was a big mission.

Woke up an hour before "go time", Soldier field the destination, I was starting this day clearly far from the easiest position available. I was 14 miles away, with a ride, a friend and a smash load of cars to navigate thru what we call here a normal business day's worth of Traffic. Enjoying the ride? Maybe.... taking in the looks of mesmerized drivers anticipating their routinely monotonous day that they have created for themselves was more or less.... engaging?! I couldn't figure out within my own mind why anyone would willingly do this daily. Or even sacrifice hours spent enjoying the life we are given to live within worldly parameters that promise assurance of the "American Dream". I guess there must be a balance somewhere.. I’m still on that journey; at least I landed a job. Bears games, selling beer.. What could be better right?

Learned lessons: Take em or Leave em!

- Having 7 kids before the age 26 is probably not a good idea.. (Credit: Man at bears training).. Pros: you will have an entire team at home. Cons: you might be working for SportService for life.

The Lord calls us to live fulfilling lives.. Now it is up to us to discern what that means within our own lives. But I know at least for me, trying to find that balance between living just to make it and living to impact those I have been fortunate enough to have in my life, is a balancing scale that I don't intend to let slide.

"In the days of Kings and Queens I was a jester, treat me like a God, NO they treat me like a Leper!" I'm trying to find a balance...

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