Saturday, October 3, 2009

"This is It, This is it" - As Cities Burn

We try and live forgiven but they won't let us forget...
the bodies we're still in
the bodies that we still war against
... Iv laid in a hammock for about 16 hours in the past 3 days... not saying thats anything special, well actually you should try it out yourself, personally it has been INCREDIBLE!

In fact, so much soo that i would almost consider this orange hammock to be one of my top spontaneous purchases on Ebay! I have an addiction to Ebay actually, similar to those minds controlled by drugs, sex, alcohol or better yet World of Warcraft... my vice is Ebay, at least i admit it. At least i can sac-up and tell the world that i find myself exploring that website along with craigslist for hours upon hours.. This could be a direct correlation with the collection of random items i have in my possession such as, turntables, A large Djembe and now a sweet orange Hammock! In fact, according to NP stats class i am 99% positive that the population correlation of my random objects are due in part to the website Thank you for your cares, pray for me. HA!

Bands currently on repeat:
-As Cities Burn
-Chasing Victory
- August Burns Red

Check em out.

This is it, This is it
Your gonna sink for your sins
Unless grace be the wind
That sets your sail

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